Vacation Rental Property Management

Provident Hotels & Resorts was born from providing distressed property management services for lenders like Chase Manhattan Bank, Citibank, US Steel and GE Credit. Provident's history of managing distressed real estate properties on behalf of national institutions ultimately led to the liquidation of real estate that would later be transformed into the foundation on which Provident Hotels & Resorts properties and management was built.

This history has allowed Provident to specialize in mixed-use facilities, most with residential and hotel components. Provident has a unique ability to adapt to the complexities and requirements of lenders and investors. Provident is set apart from its industry partners, offering proven expertise, experience and techniques in addressing the challenges of distressed real estate. Provident understands the complex issues surrounding underperforming hotels and condominiums.

Provident Hotels & Resorts' distressed property management services include:

  • Condominiums and Condominium Hotels
  • Mixed-use properties
  • Hotels
  • Asset management consulting
  • Evaluation & advisory services