Provident Luxury Suites Fisher Island

Provident Luxury Suites Fisher Island is a private, stylish beach resort enclave on the ever-changing waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This island paradise is inundated with a kaleidoscope of earthly hues, further enhancing the natural beauty of this Caribbean-like oasis.

Provident Luxury Suites Fisher Island provides the best of both worlds: tranquility and relaxation within the boundaries of the island; nightlife, entertainment, and socialization a quick ferry ride away. Fisher Island offers guests an elite location to live, play, and vacation. Once the private winter estate of the William K. Vanderbilt family, this 216-acre island paradise is secluded yet accessible - guests gain access by either auto-ferry or yacht - and is located just off the coast of Miami Beach, Florida. With breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the iconic Miami skyline, guests feel they've entered a tropical Caribbean paradise while remaining in chic Miami. Let Provident Luxury Suites Fisher Island deliver beauty and seclusion within the magnificent metropolis of Miami.


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