About Provident Hotels & Resorts

Provident Hotels & Resorts was established in 1976 primarily as a residential condominium management company. The condo hotel industry was still just beginning to take shape, and in 1980, Provident Hotels & Resorts transformed an existing hotel on Florida’s Gulf Coast into a condominium hotel. This paved the way for future projects and acquisitions, and the subsequent decades of success helped establish the company as an industry pioneer and leader.

Over the years we’ve established and refined many of the practices, concepts, and philosophies that are now regarded as industry standards. Today, we continue to provide management services and consulting to the resort-development community, and we ensure that our partners stay at the forefront of the industry. Our wealth of experience continues to guide us as we move forward and shape the future of condo hotels.

Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide an exceptional experience in the inherently complex environment of condominium hotels.

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Destinations Green

Provident Hotels & Resorts is committed to an eco friendly culture within our business practices through our innovative approach to environmental sustainability.

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Executive Team

Provident’s executive team is comprised of recognized industry leaders with decades of condominium hotel experience that are often called upon as experts in their field.

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