Asset Management & Consulting

The consulting services offered by Provident Hotels & Resorts have assisted many developers weave their way through the intricate complexities that are inherent to condominium hotels. Provident has served developers and owners of numerous condominium hotels that are also branded and managed by third party operators, including Regent, Hyatt Corporation and the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company.

Provident has an unmatched wealth of experience to draw upon and has participated in the development of many successful condominium hotel properties. Provident's professional staff will thoroughly advise on a variety of aspects, including but not limited to:

  • Design and layout of condominium units, public spaces, common areas, shared facilities, and hotel components
  • Declaration of condominium and related documents
  • Contractual relationship between unit owners and hotel operator, including formal agreements
  • Contractual relationship between condominium association and property manager, including formal agreements
  • Preparation of initial condominium association budgets
  • Preparation of initial hotel program operating budgets
  • Computer hardware and property management software configurations providing fair and equitable rental rotation formulas and unit-by-unit accounting systems
  • Day-to-day operating procedures and policies
  • Unit owner relations